Password Self-Service

The UKZN Password Self Service portal allows you to reset your LAN and Email password if you have forgotten it, without having to call ICS Expertdesk. No more walking to the ICS Walk-in centre to reset your password. Using the Password Self Service portal is quick and easy.

In order to use this service, you first have to register for this service by entering answers to a set of Challenge Questions. This is required in order for the system to challenge you with these questions when you try to reset your password.

Selecting and entering your Challenge Questions and Answers is a once-off exercise and must be done before-hand, if you wish to use the Password Reset service at any point in the future. If you have forgotten your challenge response answers you may re-register for the service provided that you know your current password.

Please note that if  you forget your password and have not yet set up the answers to the challenge response questions, you will not be able to use Password Self-Service portal as there will be no way of confirming your identity to the system. In this event, you will have to contact the ICS Expert desk on x4000 for assistance.

On the 9th of July 2014, a forced password change will be implemented, therefore it is imperative that you undertake the above exercise. In the event that you are off campus on the day, you will be able to reset your password, provided that you have registered for Password Self Service.

Kindly follow the step by step procedure in the links below to begin using the Password Self Service portal.

Click the on the appropriate links below:

(Step 1) Password Self Service Registration (Instructions)

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