Supported Software

 Three Levels of support are provided for Supported Software at the University due to the sheer  number of software packages that need support:

 ·    Category A: Product is fully supported with the necessary training courses available.

·    Category B: Product is fully supported; informal training is available on request.

·    Category C: Product is partially supported; training is arranged for upgrades.


·    Category D: Product is supported to the point of installation. No expertise is found or maintained within ICS. Training can be arranged if there is sufficient demand.


List of Supported Software

 Operating Systems
 Windows XP
 Administrative Systems
 Financial  Management  System (ITS)

 Human  Resource  Management  System  (ITS)

 Student  Management  System (ITS)

 Integrated Research Management System


 Financial Aid Payments System  (In-house)

 Expense Claims System (In-house)

 Web Student Registration  (In-house)

 Time tabling /Venue Booking  System


 Database Access
 Application Software
 MS Office XP Suite

 MS Project 2003

 FrontPage 98, 2000& 2002

 Publisher 2000

 Visio 2000 & XP

 Adobe Acrobat (reader & writer)

 Adobe Photoshop 5.5 & 7

 Corel Draw 13 

 Application Software
 Omnipage 10

 Inspiration  6 & 6.2

 ArcView 3.2a

 SPSS  15

 Mathematica 4

 SAS 8.2, Envivo, Nudist

 Genstat, Minitab, Endnote       

 Paintshop, Compender (CD services)

 Wilson Humanities, MLA, PSYCH Info

 Eco Literature

 Email, Scheduler, etc
 Internet Explorer


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