Backup Service

ICS maintains backups of all the servers under its control.  Backups of the servers are performed nightly on week nights. UKZN staff with a novell login have access to disk space on the server i.e.the F: drive for Howard College, Medical School, Edgewood and Westville campuses and the H: drive for Pietermaritzburg campus.  Data stored on these drives is backed up by ICS.    

Data stored locally on your computer needs to be backed up by you.  You never know what can happen with a computer. The computer could have a software or hardware failure at any time therefore it is imperative that you have current backups of your critical data.  Most UKZN computers come with a cd/dvd writer. Please take the time to make backups of your critical data by writing this data to a cd or dvd or some other storage device like a portable hard drive. It is better to safe than to be sorry! 




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