OFF-Campus Access

The following table is a list of sites available from off-campus.  For security purposes it is recommended you install the VPN Client on your off-campus machine  and logon to the VPN Client first before accessing these websites.


External Access

Cost Centre Reports




GroupWise Web Access



Leave System

Library System



Student Central

Software Repository









ICT has setup the infrastructure to provide access to the UKZN network and systems on a remote computer using the CISCO VPN client.  The VPN client on a remote PC, communicating with a CISCO VPN device at UKZN, creates a secure connection over the Internet that lets you access the UKZN network as if you were on campus.  This secure connection is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 


  1. A computer with a connection to the Internet via a 3G Card, Internal or External Modem, or ADSL.
  2. Have a valid UKZN Novell Login and password (the same login that you use to access the network when on campus).
  3. VPN Client installed on the remote computer.
  4. Windows XP or Windows 7

Note: 3G Cards are not supported with the Cisco VPN client on Windows 7, you will need to run the VPN client in XP mode on a Windows 7 PC)

What can I access by using the VPN Client:

  1. You can login to the LAN on the remote computer.
  2. Have access to files that you have saved on the network drive.
  3. Have access to all the Internet resources that you usually access when on campus, like the Library systems, the Electronic Journals, Groupwise, the ICT Software Repository, etc.
  4. Use Remote Desktop connection to connect to your work computer.


To install, setup and use the CISCO VPN client on a Windows machine download and printout the VPN Client Installation Guide from - Remote Access Folder and follow the instructions.

Apple Mac Users please contact Mpume Khumalo – email or Heena Jivan – email

For help or information with regards to setting up and using the Cisco VPN client, please contact the ICS Expert Desk on x4000.

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