Our Main Areas of Focus

UKZN ERP Information System: Main Administrative System which is used in the administration of Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Asset and Student information. The system runs the ITS Application, with a Oracle Database back-end, on a IBM Pseries platform running AIX Operating System.

Library Information System: Main Library administrative system which is used on the administration of Library data (i.e.: books, catalogues ...etc). The system runs the SirsiDynix Unicorn Application, with a Oracle Database back-end, on a IBM Pseries platform running AIX Operating System.

Web Based ERS and Cost Reports: Cost reports are run on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, affording departments and faculties to view cost centre information from the previous day. While ERS reports are run during exam periods and aid faculties in decision making during their normal daily administration and faculty board meetings.

Administrative Printing: Printing of daily outputs from the ITS system, with the aid of overlays. This printing solution enables ITS users to print outputs using different output formats and/or overlays. The solution is delivered by the use of a printer server and a document customization server on a IBM-AIX platform.

Disaster Recovery: This process is only carried out for the Main Administrative server (ITS) and also includes the print server and document customization server recovery. The exercise is done twice a year, using a independent service provider, which is audited by the University external auditors.


Peripheral Systems: Systems that connect to the Main Administrative Server. 

User Support: User support inline with the Main Administrative System, which is database, systems, application, printing and printer support. This level of support is customized to focus on the ITS system. There is also Help-desk support for ITS users. Support is also given to development staff and users of the iEnabler function.

Projects: Any project which is either managed by Information Systems, Systems section and/or the involvement of System staff to assist in projects that involve Information Systems.

Vendor Support: Assist vendors who's products (ITS, Unicorn ...etc) UKZN uses, that links to the Main Administrative System. First level of trouble shooting for our ITS users. Then liaise with the respective vendor.

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