1. Voicemail:
Step 1
In order to have voice mail on your phone you need to email your request to so that you can be added on the voice mail system as a subscriber.
Step 2
Once you have been added as a subscriber, you then dial extension 3500 and follow the voice prompt. This is where you will record you greeting or choose a standard greeting and also set up your password.
You can also receive your messages on your GroupWise and listen to them from your email inbox by installing ViewMail program on your computer. You can download the GroupWise Client using it will give you 3 options to either run it, save or cancel it. You should save it first and then run it.
Once you have ran it you will have this screen:
Telephone Charges Revised 2013 

Telephone Charges




       Line rental

R 129.00


R 400.00

       IP Installations

R 700.00


R 100.00


R 400.00

       Rental for Analogue

R 99.50

       Rental for Digital

R 136.50

       Plan 10

R 100.00

       Rental on PL10

R 5.00

       Rental for IP Handsets

R 200

3. Cell phones / Data cards / Smart phones (Mobile Communications Equipment)
The policy and the application forms are attached.
N.B. Cell phone / Data card / Smart phone subsidy is not a benefit but it is on operational basis which means that the subsidy is paid directly to the service provider.
Who qualifies?
It is up to your line manager, due to the nature of your work on whether you qualify or not.
When do I apply?
 You need to have an existing contract which is in your own name (personal contract) with the authorized service providers indicated on the policy.
How do I apply?
By completing the application form for subsidy to cover use of Personal Cellular Telephone and Data card for Business use.





Attached are the pin code application forms as well as the Vodacom K I Addendum to split billing form to be completed by those who have a contract with Vodacom when applying for cell phone subsidy.




Important Forms:

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