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Mobile  Communications Subsidy Regulations and Guidelines

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Mr Charles W Poole



Information and Communication Services (ICS)

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Executive Management Committee


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From date of EMC Approval

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23 June 2011

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ICS – Telephone Section

1.            Preamble

The Mobile Communications Subsidy Regulation defines who is entitled to make use of mobile technologies for business purposes, the terms and conditions of the subsidy and how the subsidy is implemented.

The Telephone Section of the ICS Division of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) provides telephone facilities for all campuses. In addition, this section is also responsible for the administration of the mobile communication subsidy. 

2.            Scope of Application

This regulation applies to all UKZN academic and support staff members who are approved as regular users of mobile devices to meet the requirements of the post. This includes both contractual and permanent staff members, funded from University budgets.  Applications made against research grant funds will also be entertained against motivation by the grant holder, and authorized as per due procedure set out below.

3.            Policy Statement

3.1         The University of KwaZulu-Natal will subsidise the use of mobile devices where regular use is essential to meet the requirements of the post. The University will not own any mobile devices, contracts will be held in the user’s name and remain the full responsibility of the user.

3.2         The University will make a non-taxable contribution toward the use of the device.   The mobile communications subsidy is not a benefit, but is a reimbursement for costs incurred, and is therefore not taxable.  The use of this facility constitutes a privilege not a right, and all applications must be motivated by the applicant, supported by the direct Line Manager, and authorised by the respective budget holder and paid for through the appropriate budget.

3.3         Responsibility for authorization of applications for subsidy rests primarily with the relevant budget holder/budget controller, who will be expected to consider the particular circumstances and requirements of individual members of staff on whose behalf the application is made.

3.4         Subsidy amounts in excess of the maximum limits of reimbursement shall be duly authorised by the relevant Line Manager and confirmed by the relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellor, then only for highly exceptional circumstances such as Research Grants.

4          Payment Procedure                            

4.1         Each applicant is required to subscribe under contract to a preferred service provider.  The financial contract between the subscriber and the service provider remains the sole responsibility of the subscriber. Subsidy agreements have been negotiated with three mobile Service Providers (Nashua Mobile, MTN SP and Vodacom SP).

4.2         The subscriber must complete and submit to the Telephones Section the Mobile Communications Subsidy Application (see Appendix A), which may be required to be reviewed annually.

4.3         A mobile subscription contract with a preferred service provider will be converted to split billing, whereby the approved subsidy amount contributed by UKZN is deducted from the monthly invoice for which the subscriber is responsible. To activate split billing, complete the KI application form provided by the service provider.

4.4         In terms of split billing agreements, the University will pay directly to the service provider that portion of the monthly account equivalent to the value of the  authorized subsidy amount; or the actual amount, if less than the subsidy amount.

4.5         The Service provider will confirm split billing of the approved subsidy amount with the Telephone Section.  These Service Providers will automatically debit the University for the approved portion of the monthly account and the remainder (if any) is automatically debited to the bank account of the subscriber.

4.6         Legitimate expenses, i.e. in respect of official usage in excess of the limits of reimbursement, may be reimbursed by exception on due motivation within three months of the expenditure being incurred.

4.7       ICS will, in turn, debit the appropriate budget holders accounts.

5             Criteria for Applications

            The following criteria are applicable when the award of a subsidy is considered:

5.1         Immediate availability by the staff member for crucial communications on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

5.2         Essential liaison / communication by staff on official duty in isolated places where landline telephones are not available.

5.3         Staff members who are required to be contactable immediately in case of emergencies and in executing standby duties as required by their Line Manager.

5.4         Extended periods of travel for business purposes.

5.5         The availability of funds.

6.         Levels of Reimbursement

6.1       A staff member who is awarded a subsidy is personally responsible for obtaining a device, entering into a rental contract in his / her own name and for the monthly payment of the account.

6.2       The user is the owner of the device and therefore s/he will be responsible for                                            insuring the device and for its replacement in the case of loss or damage.

6.3       The approved current subsidy rate is applied in two categories, according to identified levels of demand.

Category 1

Cell Phones to a maximum of                                      R250.00


Smart Phones (e.g. Blackberry) to a maximum of                  R350.00

Category 2

3G device (e.g. data card; tablet)                                                             R300.00         

6.4     Individuals are eligible for the subsidy for one device in Category 1; separate application should be made for an additional device in Category 2.

7.       Summary of Procedures for Application

7.1    Applications should be completed on the prescribed application form (Appendix A), as, available on

7.2    All applications should be supported by the relevant Line Manager/Budget Controller, and authorized by the Budget Holder.

7.3   Each application will be considered in the light of the regulation, criteria and availability of funds.

7.4    In highly exceptional cases (e.g. specific research grants), subsidies in excess of the limits of reimbursement (and only for research and other non main funded projects) must be approved by the relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

8.       Effective Date

          This regulation is effective from the date of approval by EMC and will remain in force unless formal notification to the contrary is issued through the office of the ICS Director.

9.       Change Control and Review Date

          This regulation and reimbursable limits may be reviewed from time-to-time.  Changes will be timeously communicated with a revised effective date..




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