Academic Software Products

Academic Software Products

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SPSS is an internationally recognised statistical package, renamed in the most recent version to PASW. The University has a licence for it which allows all members of the institution, both staff and students to install SPSS on their computers at work as well as at home.

SPSS can be downloaded from 
. Instructions have been placed there to assist with the installation. Our SPSS licence also includes the package AMOS which provides structural equation modelling.
We provide support for installation and basic usage. Much advice can be found on the SPSS Forum located at The South African website can be found at

Open Source mindmapping software

Mindmapping software ought to be a standard tool on the computers of academics and students to assist thinking.  Some fairly good Open Source software is freely available.  A brief review of selected features in three such applications, Freemind, VUE, and XMind, may assist in choosing a useful mindmapping tool.  Comments and additions addressed to Hillary Reynolds would be most welcome.






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