The Information Communication Services (ICS) is represented on all five campuses of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The division is responsible for many ICS related activities at the University. Centralized services provided include, authentication services, email, internet, student labs, Konica Minolta printing kiosks, networking infrastructure, software, hardware, helpdesk, consulting services and many more services too numerous to mention.

We are a service orientated division that strives to provide an excellent set of standardized core services as well as being able to provide for individual consulting where the need is different from the norm. The facilities in the labs are connected to the Local Area Networks (LANs) running under Novell. On all campuses, a fibre optic backbone network runs across campus and connects all the LANs maintained by ICS to one another and, ultimately, to the world- wide network of computers referred to as the Internet.

Each computer lab offers Pentium powered PCs and laser printing facilities. There is a per page fee for laser printing. All computers have Microsoft Windows XP operating system installed. The storage media for each computer is a USB memory stick. PS: All new computers purchased do not have stiffy drives. Disk space (150MB) will be allocated to each student on the LAN. Students are responsible for the backup of their data. Lab consultants are on duty to help with certain aspects of software packages and hardware related problems. Scanners for scanning text and graphics (both mono & colour) are also available. Most of the labs are open 24hrs to accommodate both part/full-time students & to make our services more accessible to all students registered with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

In using the facilities users indicate that they agree to abide by the rules of the Labs

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