The amount of spam (unsolicited e-mail) may be increasing to your mailbox. The reason for this is both the techniques have changed as well as the amount of spam that gets sent, has quadrupled.  You can help by reporting spam to the following addresses only:


It is important when reporting spam to forward it as an attachment* and not as part of your message, as the headers are needed. You do not wish to be seen as the spam sender.


Please report specific spam to:






Yahoo!: Report Yahoo mail spam (use their site to report)

Yahoo! Stores:

Yahoo! Stores advertised in spam:   Yahoo! Store Help (use their site to report)

Yahoo! Hosted Domains:

Image Shack: Report Image Shack spam (use their site to report)



FOR SCAMS RELATED TO MONEY Bank Fraud, Nigerian scams, Lotto scams, SARS etc:


SAPS: or

Any spam not fitting the above can be sent to

Thank you, happy safe e-mailing!


* To forward an e-mail as an attachment:

  1. Click Actions > Forward as Attachment.
  2. Add the names of the users to whom you want to forward the item.
  3. (Optional) Type a message.
  4. Click Send on the toolbar.

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