Zero Rated Data to Specific UKZN Sites

Zero-Rated URLS

Agreements are finally in place with all four Mobile Network Operators for Zero Rating of key websites that are hosted within UKZN’s network. The terms and conditions from the service providers are very clear on the type of content that can be served from these zero-rated websites. No Video intensive applications are allowed, and usage is restricted to 500 MB per subscriber per day. For the purposes of interacting with educational material that is hosted on these servers, this should be sufficient. It must also be noted that the initial offer from Service Providers were restricted to three URLS and as a result of intensive negotiations these offers have now been extended across all networks to include the following zero-rated resources.

VPN Services

Two of the sites that have been included in the list of approved zero-rated sites are the VPN termination device and the VPN gateway service. As previously communicated via the University Notice, users are encouraged to use the Global Protect Client when connecting to UKZN resources. In addition to the security benefit of using the VPN services and accessing electronic resources that are not available on the public Internet, another benefit is the mobile data savings. The first 500MB of any traffic type per day per subscriber will be zero rated. Thereafter, data consumed will be deducted from the remaining data balance on your SIM card.