Academic Computing

Academic Computing forms part of the ICS team and their primary function is to support and enhance Teaching & Learning and Research with Information Technology as the enabler. We are cognizant that hardware & software alone are merely tools and themselves do not teach or do research, however it does bring a great deal to the endeavors of the University. To this end, we support staff, postgraduate students and on rare occasions undergraduate students in the use of these systems. Crucially though support does not simply mean support usage, but also teaching ways to use these tools – teaching how to teach using ICT’s.

Strategically, Academic Computing feeds directly into the Universities strategic plan for 2017 – 2021, to:

Goal 1: To achieve excellence in Teaching & Learning, and

Goal 2: To achieve excellence and high impact in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Whilst Academic Computing is a strategic leg of ICS, operationally, it provides services to help you successfully use our system-supported resources, tools, and expertise to advance your academics technology initiatives.