The MyUKZN app  is both for staff and students. The MyUKZN app gives you complete access to University and student information. Students can access course and examination schedules, check your admission and funding application status, graduation information and various other self-service functions. Use the emergency features to notify campus security about an imminent threat and

NSFAS Laptop Rollout - 2017

NSFAS Laptop Rollout – 2017

The ICS Division on behalf of student funding will be rolling out close to 9000 laptops throughout 2017 to students that qualify for NSFAS funding. The first phase of this rollout commenced on Monday the 15th May 2017 and over three days a total of 4700 laptops were issued to students on all 5 campuses.

End to End Digital Audio Setup UKZN Graduation

UKZN for the first time used a complete in-house Digital Audio Public Address system at the  Graduation Ceremony. This is enabled by the recent acquisition of a Soundcraft SiExpression Digital Mixer and Stagebox. This system extends the capabilities of the existing digital system which includes the Dbx PA+ DriveRack and the 2 Digital Crown XTi 4000power Amplifiers. The Soundcraft Si Expression has 24 recallable