End to End Digital Audio Setup UKZN Graduation 2016

End to End Digital Audio Setup UKZN Graduation 2016

End to End Digital Audio Setup UKZN Graduation

UKZN for the first time used a complete in-house Digital Audio Public Address system at the  Graduation Ceremony. This is enabled by the recent acquisition of a Soundcraft SiExpression Digital Mixer and Stagebox. This system extends the capabilities of the existing digital system which includes the Dbx PA+ DriveRack and the 2 Digital Crown XTi 4000power Amplifiers.

The Soundcraft Si Expression has 24 recallable mic pre amps, plus 4 line inputs, internal FX returns and 64×64 expansion slot which allows more than enough scope to use all 66 input processing channels. The built in Digital Sound Processors and automated slides, which can be controlled remotely using iPad gives UKZN Sound Engineers virtually limitless input and output control for sound reinforcement in any venue.

The DriveRack PA+ loudspeaker management system is a processor that allows for digital crossover configuration that auto configures itself by simply inputting the amplifiers and speakers from the built in list.

The 2 Digital Crown Xti 4000 amplifiers are each capable of pushing out 1600W/ch @ 2ohms stable, which in turn drives 4 JBL MRX 515 sub woofers and 4 JBL MRX 515 mid-range and tweeters . This coupled with the additional 4 JBL PRX 715 amplified speakers ensured that UKZN Graduation 2016 had power packed audio

by Kenson Govender