Student Lab Rules

The following regulations apply to all computer laboratories at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). It is the responsibility of the computer user to know and understand these regulations. A user is defined as a student, staff member or any other person making use of the University`s computer laboratory. These regulations are intended to safeguard the University`s computer resources for your continued benefit as well as to protect the rights of other users. Breach of these regulations will result in such users being banned from using the laboratories, and or to disciplinary procedures, and or to prosecution under South African law. If any aspect of the regulations is not understood, please approach the Lab Consultant or Information Communication Services (ICS) for clarification. The actions of users must be in compliance with the South African law and the rules of UKZN.

General rules
1. University computer laboratory, including printers, may only be used for official University   purposes. Private or personal work may not be undertaken without the   permission of the Director, ICS.
2. Users may not create a disturbance or interfere with other users.
3. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in the computer laboratories.
4. Users shall not litter, cause any mess or leave the laboratories in an untidy state.
5. Users shall obey all reasonable instructions of Lab Consultants.

1. Users shall only gain access to the computer laboratory by producing a UKZN student or staff card, or written authorisation to use the laboratory.
2. Users shall produce proof of identity at the request of the Lab Consultant or a University official.
3. Users shall not share, distribute or use access identifications or passwords other than those assigned to them.
4. It is the responsibility of the student to logout after using the computer. Any student who either intentionally or negligently fails to logout will be held responsible for whatever purpose the computer is used for whilst being left active.

1. Users must treat all computer laboratory and equipment with due care and consideration. Users must report any misuse of computer laboratory or equipment to the Lab Consultant.
2. No equipment may be removed from computer laboratories or tampered with in any way.

1. Users shall not use any software other than official University software without the authority of the Lab Consultant.
2. Users shall not make use of University laboratory computers to access or copy any computer games, pornography, viruses, movies and music for personal use.
3. Users shall not play computer games on University laboratory computers unless authorised by a lecturer.
4. Users shall not interfere or tamper with software configurations or any system data files.
5. Users shall respect all copyright and licensing requirements and intellectual property rights. Users shall not copy software or other files from the University computer systems without due permission.
6. Users are responsible for resources under their control. Any file found on a disk or removable media, in a person`s possession will be assumed to be owned by that person unless the contrary can be proven on a balance of probability.
7. Users shall not access or in any way alter other user`s files without authorisation.

1. Users may not attempt to bypass or undermine the system security. The system security must be observed at all times.
2. No software may be loaded, developed or executed on University laboratory computers that attempt to alter the network file servers or other equipment.
3. Users may only access those laboratories which they have been specifically authorised to use. Users shall not access or attempt to access any other laboratory, equipment, systems or data that they are not specifically authorised to.
4. Only material relating to users courses and duties at the University may be downloaded from the Internet.
5. Users shall not send messages using E-mail facilities to an individual or a large number of users that may be considered undesirable or harassment by some or all off the recipients.


Breaching these rules could, apart from possible disciplinary action in terms of the Rules for Student Discipline, result in a variety of departmental penalties, ranging from a verbal warning, at one end of the scale, to removal of the user from the computer laboratory for a period of up to 2 weeks. Commission of a second or subsequent offence under any of these rules can result in a recommendation for a formal student disciplinary procedure. It must be noted that removal from the computer laboratory means that a student cannot continue with his or her computer-related work in a course, which can have a negative impact on his or her academic studies.


Appeals may be put in writing to the ICS Lab Manager, giving full details of the reason for the appeal. Student disciplinary matters are not dealt with by ICS and appeals follow the normal University disciplinary procedures.