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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Academic Support

The Academic Computing Section provides support in the use of technology in teaching, learning and research.  It also facilitates and supports Research.  Whilst a big part of Academic Computing is to license & support Academic Software, there is a huge support factor to University Staff & Students.

Services offered:

  • Educational Theory – application & interpretation of education and learning. It is an umbrella term providing an explanation of how we learn & how we should teach
  • Research Services – Engagement with the Academic community to provide support in their Research process
  • Course Content & Delivery – Supporting & training on the use of Academic Software
  • Supporting the Similarity Detection Software, e.g. Turn-it-in
  • Academic Support & Training
  • Podcasting (lecture recording)
  • Postgraduate Support on the use of Academic Software, e.g. SPSS, NVivo, etc.
  • Academic Software licensing
  • High Performance Computing – On-site Technician
  • Support of the Clicker software
  • Support of LimeSurvey – The University’s choice for questionnaires
  • Support of Open Access – Open Journal System